Welcome to bilingual mamas! I’m Sarah, a mama living in Italy but born in Britain. I have two boys who I’m teaching to be completely bilingual. In our home there’s a lot of language switching and  multilingual activities. Raising a bilingual family takes work and dedication and I have ventured into this bilingual experiment with an open mind and despite the scary unknown.
This blog is also about the trials and tribulations of bringing up bilingual children in a monolingual environment and the fears of children losing minority languages. Find helpful articles and resources to begin, strengthen or keep up the excellent achievement that is being bilingual or multilingual. 


4 thoughts on “About

  1. OanaLivia says:

    Hello Sarah
    I found your blog thanks to the Facebook group dedicated to bilingual children. I find your ideas interesting and hope to read more from you 😉
    I also have a little daughter that I hope to raise bilingual. She is a few months old, so no talk yet 😀 But I am doing a lot of online research in order to better understand how raising bilingual children works.


    • bilingualmamas says:

      Hi OanaLivia,

      Thank you for your message, I hope you find my blog useful and that I can help in some way. Raising bilingual children requires dedication and even creativity but is a great source of satisfaction once you see it start to ‘work’.
      Good luck to you!

      If you follow the blog you receive updates every time I add a post.

      Have a lovely day!


  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi Sara,

    I found your blog for a Facebook group, It’s nice to know other moms with similar cases to share experiences, my husband and we are natives with different languages (english and spanish) but exposed in a third language (cantones) and we believe in the importance that our baby to be bilingual.

    Congrats, your blog it’s usefull 😉


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